Monday, November 28, 2005

Puttin' on the Mitts

So things have really been flying around here this weekend! Saturday I worked (this is a relative term as I work in a wonderful little yarn shop in Fells Point) and we had a great group of people in for Morning Coffee. Then the yarn just sorta started flying off the shelves. A lot of lucky people out there are getting some pretty wonderful scarves, caps, gloves, ponchos, and of course mittens for Christmas.

Here on the Severn, things have been flying off the needles. Here's a hat and fingerless mitt set I whipped for a special person in the family. I hope she likes them and puts them to good use.

Actually I love knitting for the person these are intended for as she's always a grateful receipent and really does wear what I make. And I even get hugs in return!

Here's a little better pic of the mitts. I used chunky yarns (both yarns are Lion Brand, one is

Wool Ease Chunky, the other is Boucle) so they would knit up nice and quick and these will be easy care. The Boucle was fun to work with, it had lots of shine and the colors are very vibrant.

So today I start the Super Secret Projects that will go under our tree here. And sorry I can't tell you right now cause there are those that read this blog who will be getting the goods.

ps. No, my fingers aren't magical. The flash just made them glow like that. Pretty eerie huh!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Flip Mitts

We're flipping for mitts here on the Severn! This pair is for thee Wyldman. He's the one wearing the "giant lobster claws" in an earlier entry. After seeing the pair for my nephew, he sorta guilted me into yet another pair of mittens. These are hand/wrist warmers with a flip top to keep little fingers warm as needed.

And you can see what's really making us flip around here of late (of course it's really a fun way to keep warm!) The Brian Setzer Orchestra, the CD is Dig That Crazy Christmas! It's totally swinging!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Mitten

One of my favorite authors is Jan Brett. Not only does she write (and translate) great childrens stories but the art in her books is absolutely wonderful! A favorite book is The Mitten. It's about a little boy who requests white mittens from his grandmother. Not only does she knit the mittens for him, but she also spun the wool for them. The little boy (in the ways of little boys) loses one of his mittens while outside playing. From there a great adventure begins for the mitten.


I had this idea. Yes, this can be a rather dangerous thing for me but it does happen that I get ideas quite often. See my SIL and her family are moving to Kansas City, Kansas in a couple of weeks and my nephew who is just 6 years old is a bit anxious about this move. After all it is getting really close to Christmas!

So the idea (yes, I'm getting to it!!) is to knit a pair of mittens and send them with the book to him at his new address in KC. In the package I'll include a note from one of Santa's head elves saying that we're aware of the address change and for him not to fret that we always look out for good boys and girls. So, the book is on order because our Borders just happens to be out of stock on this one. I even have some holiday stationary that I haven't used so it can't be connected to me. And the mittens are fini! See. The green bow is yarn I use to tie them together so they don't get seperated. I just love surprises!!

Now I need to do a bit of research so the package won't be postmarked here. Any ideas out there? Anyone?

Oh and for those of you keeping track, the handwarmers do have thumbs and have been given away. New mittens are now on the needles.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Finishing Weekend

It's been a finishing kinda weekend! The Log Cabin Socks are finished! The Irish Hiking Scarf is finished! This one is done in Lion Brand Wool-Ease. It was a great pattern to knit and really looks great. It feels good to cross a gift off the Christmas List.

The handwarmers (in need of a name) are almost finished. These are done in Homespun. This is a yarn raised and spun in Bemidji, Wisconsin. No dyes have used in this yarn. It's a wonderful yarn -- 100% wool. On the label it says it's from the wool of "sturdy northern-grown sheep"; 225 yards (but we've put a couple on the yardage counter and it's more like 250 yards a hank!)

They are in need of thumbs. And the mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia are coming along very nicely. You can just see the color of the Kristi Mitten. Because of the shades being used for that one, I can only knit on it during the day and only if there's good light. The other pair; Marko's Mittens I can knit in the evenings. All of us here at home have really liked watching the pattern appear.

Gee, with all these finished projects I think maybe I can put another project on the needles! Oh and Adrianne, be on the lookout for your prize! It'll be posted and headed your way this afternoon. Hope you like it!

No school this week, though I do have a conference with my lil guy's teacher tomorrow. And it's looking like I'll have an empty house for Thanksgiving. Makes for all knitting, all day! YIPPEEE!

p.s. Hi, Jon!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This is a quick post. Hopefully, the next one will be good cause the batteries for my camera will have been recharged! I really need to get a second set.

I'm still working on the Kristi Mittens, the Silk/wool wrap, the Irish Hiking Scarf, the second of a pair of hand warmers (and writing the pattern for this pair), the second of the Log Cabin Socks, and to complete this round of startitis another pair of mittens! Just writing it makes me swoon with exhaustion!

So, I'm back to my needles. It's a beautiful sunny but cold day. So I shall stick in a movie, grab a cuppa something or other find a sunny spot in the house and work on my knitting.

And what are you doing?

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Winner!!! and more Stuff

And the Winner is.......
Adrienne from the Bellybutton of California is the winner. She guessed!

But she didn't leave me with any kind of contact information. Please email with your address so I can send you a prize. Hey, this was my first contest it's my right to send out a prize!!

Also, for your amusement is another ornament I did using perl cotton in a deep maroon color. This one I'll keep for myself!

In other news and such, DH (by the way, have I mentioned he works in Special Orders at the Borders?) brought home a new knit book for me to review. It's called Handknit Holidays by the ever fabulous Melanie Falick. Beautiful photographs and a couple really neat projects that may just jump into my knitting bag. This book features designs by 30 great designers with items for home decor; keeping bodies warm; and more.

Log Cabin Socks by Anne Woodbury

This sock pattern is one that is just trying very hard to jump on the kneedles! And I just happen to have a couple hanks of Sophia to do them for a certain lil Miss for the Holidays. And possibly a pair using the wonderful llama I received as a gift this pair would indeed be for me.

If you happen to see it on your local bookshelf, it's definately worth a look -- if only for the beautiful photography!

This is a hank of some totally wonderful sock yarn that a friend of mine turned me onto (Happy Birthday, Lola and thanks very much for the tip on the yarn!!) This is 325 yards of Socks that Rock! by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This colorway is called Stonewash -- sort of a washed out denium. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I am taking it to work with me to show the shop owner cause I think it would make a wonderful addition to our yarn offerings.

You can check out the colorways this yarn comes in at their website. Then run don't walk to your nearest to order up a hank or three.

No affaliation yada yada yada!

Nothing else today folks. I'm still plugging away on the Kristi Mittens, the silk/wool wrap, Irish Hiking Scarf, the second of a pair of handwarmers and writing up some patterns. Too much fun and not enough time.

Back to the kneedles! And have a Great Day!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Hint

Okay for those of you trying to figure out what the lace from yesterday's entry is for. Here's a hint. This hint took lots of thought because you see, if I'm not careful I could just give it all away.

As you can see, it's a Christmas Stocking. In fact it is the prototype of two stockings knit recently on a consignment. This one was knit quite a while ago, then I found out that the yarn used (Lion Brand Cotton-Ease) was discontinued. So the ones knit for delivery were done in Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Not something I will ever do again as the cotton really gave my CTS a run for the pain meds!

What you're not seeing is on the other side of the stocking is the start of "Merry Xmas". Yes, Xmas. However, it's being taken out and will be filled and sent to someone in need for the Holidays. Got anyone in the need? Let me know I have a stocking longing to to be filled.

Also on the stocking is a glass ornament ball this is 83mm. With a gold cap. So, now guess away!

Tomorrow, the completed project.

Now. On to the knitting. Here's the once giant mittens now felted down to a more human size. They'll go to work with me this weekend to be paired up with some lovely Alpaca Silk or Alpaca Cotton or possibly even 100% Alpaca which will be knit into cuffs.

Last night was a time for small projects. I completed 2 Sea Treasures, and a wire sweater. These are destined for an Art Show/Sale in B'more starting in December. I have 7 items ready. Guess I'd best get those kneedles clicking. I think I'll do some little treasure bags for this event as well. When I find out more I'll let you know (of course!)

If you happen to be tooling around the Crownsville/Annapolis area this weekend, there's a fun craft show at the Baldwin Hall in Millersville (just off of I97.) There's even a bit of locks available for those wanting to knit those lovely thrummed mittens/gloves/socks. Oh, and yes the locks are clean and from Maryland.

Nuff said! Get back to yer knittin!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Yes, I have lots of obsessions. Mostly involving knitting and ways of using knitting. Fresh off the kneedles and a soak and now blocking in the warm Autumn sun is this:

Those are dressmakers pins, and yes that is a regular table toothpick holding the live stitches whilst it blocks. Care to take a guess at what it will soon become? I'll throw in a lovely something or other for the closest guess. I'll give you another clue tomorrow, and pick a winner (if there are any participants) on Friday.

Still plugging along on my Kristie Mittens. And the Silky Wool wrap. And now to add a bit of spice to the pot, an argyle Holiday Stocking.

Back to the kneedles I say!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

New MItts on the Kneedles

Here's a pic of things to come. The book is Folk Knitting in Estonia which is truly a wonderful book! And Nancy Bush is great writer and teacher. Stay tuned to this station, looks like she'll be making an appearance in the Baltimore area in May for a Sock Class!! Too fabulous fer sure!!

The yarn I'm using is Jamieson's 2 ply Shetland Spindrift the colors are called Midnight (beautiful deep tweedy blue) and Sunrise (shades of reds and maroon also tweedy) and they are being knit on size 0 kneedles. I don't work on these at night. There's just no way I can see what I'm doing so these are knit only during the day. Sorry that the color isn't coming thru, Myla is at school and she seems to be the only one who actually understands my camera.

I'm also already planning another pair from the same book -- same gauge too! The construction of these mittens is just too intriguing!

Okay, get those kneedles a clickin'!!

Oh, one more thing -- not knit related but important all the same. A Woman's Journey presented by Johns Hopkins every year is this weekend in Baltimore. This is a wonderful conference and very insightful. To learn more and sign up go to A Woman's Journey.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Giant Lobster Claws

And they appear to have eaten my little guys hands!

Well, okay actually they are mittens to be felted. The pattern is from Knit One, Felt Too. This is a very cool book (no affilation yada yada yada) I just really like this book. The ideas are very clever, patterns easy to follow, and better still ..... really quick to knit! Even for me, World's Slowest Knitter.

So, the next pair has officially been started. I'm using Jamieson's 2 play Shetland Spindrift. The pattern is from Folk Knitting in Estomia by Nancy Bush. Another favorite book! More later.


Friday, November 04, 2005

MIttens of the Past

So I've joined in this Mitten KAL and have already completed two mittens. Of course these two mittens do not match, not even a little bit. One is to be felted the other just needs a mate. I'll post photo of the one to be felted when my camera comes back home. It went to school with my son today to take pictures of his friends (all of whom are Seniors) in their togas at their Senior Breakfast this morning.

So, since I would hate to leave you mitten photoless I'm going to show you one pair of last year's models.

This is one of my own patterns knit in Pastaza by Cascade. Lovely lovely lovely yarn, and very warm too. I love how these match but not exactly.

The pair that I'm currently working on will be felted so the finished on is absolutely HUGE!! Quick knit, now to finish it's mate, photograph them (today is a nice sunny day too) and get them felted. Then I'll need to decide what to knit the cuff in. The pattern is from Knit One, Felt Too. Love this book!

I'm done now. Get back to yer knittin'!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Farewell

Allow me to rant a bit here. For those looking for knit content, come back later. I'm really angry about something and just need to rant.

This was Catherine Thomas. Her family laid her to rest yesterday. Yes, Halloween when all thoughts should have been on tricks, treats, dressing up and other such nonsense the community of Herald Harbor was listening to a preacher trying to tell us that Catherine wouldn't have wanted us to cry but would want us to know that her life was full of meaning, and that now she is in a better place. (And no Rev, if Catherine were here watching us she wouldn't say anything, we would not be in the church. We would be at work, school, doing what we do on Monday mornings. )


Catherine was 17 years old. She was a friend of both my daughter and son. She would have graduated from High School this coming June with my son and cousin. She was a loving daughter, caring sister, hard worker and a great friend -- just ask those who attended the funeral. BUT, her death was avoidable. She was going out with friends and the boy (don't even sit there reading this and try to tell me he was a man just because he was over 18 years) who was driving was going way too fast for the road they were traveling on and wrapped the car around a tree. Some thing that struck me as rather scary was one of her sisters was the car behind them and saw the accident she was driving just as fast or as near to as he was.

Now one of the reasons for my rant is this is not the first time this tragedy has happened in our little neighborhood. Not even the first time time this year. It seems the kids in our neighborhood are so angry that once they're given "the keys" they go flying (literally) away never to come back. Our community is small and no there really isn't anything to do here so the kids sit around and complain of boredom. Never thinking of ways to stop the boredom other then by random acts of destruction or crime. And the "elders" in the community sit behind their locked doors wringing their hands fretting over the acts of these kids.

Has our society become so hurried and self-absorbed that instead of giving our kids a way to do for themselves and helping them; we just give them the answers and be done with them?

So, now I'm stepping off my soap box. And no, the tree didn't survive either.

Side note: There were 4 people in the car that was wrapped around the tree that night. One was Catherine's sister. She will going back and forth to the hospital for reconstructive surgery. Another boy in the vehicle is still in hospital but is now out of Intensive Care. The driver, he was treated for minor injuries and released that night.