Friday, September 16, 2005


I've completed the Clapotis. This one is done in Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool in three colors. Never is there a nicer yarn to work with -- honestly. I followed the pattern (now stop your chuckling!!) mostly as written except instead of a knit stitch between the two (k front and back loop) I purled the stitch to be dropped. This eliminated the need for markers. Also, this one is longer then 55 inches being closer to 62 inches (I was watching Die Another Day and got carried away).

I decided not to bead it. The idea was a good one just not right for this particular shawl. Could have been the yarn, color of the yarns, or even the beads I choose. But I do think it would be lovely beaded.

I did slip the colored rows. It's added a neat affect almost argyle look to the stripes. The photo really doesn't do it any justice, and no the slip stitching did not mar the drop stitches.

Thank you, Kate Gilbert for a fun pattern!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Gotta share this preview with you all. This is my second son, Nikholis. Yes, this is his Graduation photo. I feel old. But isn't he a handsome guy!

As you can see these are the proofs. It'll probably be the closest he ever comes to wearing a tux too (even so this one was just a "pastie")

In other knitting news, the Clapotis is completed. Well, it's off the needles anyway. I'm still weaving in ends. I really liked the slip stitch effect! I haven't woven in those ends as yet as I'm trying to decide whether or not to string on some beads just at this point. I'll get a photo and ask you all (okay all 2 of you) what you think.