Friday, November 24, 2006

Yes, I'm knitting

as fast as I can. Have you seen just how many more days there are until ..... gulp ..... Christmas? And even closer is thee Wyldman's birthday, and then there's my favorite SIL's birthday, and then there's the Tall One's birthday too!

But in the mean time, I did get two stockings completed for my friend. She's giving them another friend who's helping to decorate some of the homes in downtown Annapolis for the walking tours. Here's what I've done:
Don't look at the mess on my deck. It's passable to get to the door. Here's a foot photo:

They were really really quick and done in two balls/skeins of Lion Brand Woolease.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Severn River Madness

For those of you coming to check for photos of two dopes jumping into the River please be informed that the Jump was called off (jump would have this past Saturday 11/19). This mom just couldn't allow such madness to occur.

However, to the two young ladies we met in Ram's Head Road House....Yes, I had a great time. And we had no problems finding the car once you pointed the way.

Thanks. And maybe we'll meet again.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Job

New job has been started! And I made it through the first week without any mishaps. So I'm officially an employee of the State of Maryland.

And since I'm now working in an office I'm in need of clothes for work! Hmmmm, seems I've said this before. Probably. So I've started working on some sweaters. Natch, because winter is just around the corner. And because while searching through the stash for something for mittens I came across a forgotten stash of (are you sitting down?) Cottage Craft! In a color Lobster, and enough to knit a cardigan for moi!

So using my trusty size 8 circular I've cast on the body (142 stitches thank you very much) and have started knitting. I figure about 13 inches to the arms, then I'll cast on some dpns the sleeves, add a bit of fair isle and finish the top of the cardi knitting in the sleeves as I go. Then add a button band and I just may be sporting a new sweater next week. WHEEEEEEE!!

And in case you've already written up a score card, the fair isle parts will done with Cottage Craft 1ply and some lovely varigated mohair -- also found awaiting it's turn in the stash.

Do you think that by knitting a sweater only from the stash that that would entitle me to a yarn store trip for some more yarn? Seems fair. What do you think?

Here's a couple pics of Guji. These are pre-pounce....the pouncee being me coming up the steps.

He's growing so fast!