Thursday, February 23, 2006

Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines

Sorry for not posting. But I've decided with the pending deadlines it's best this way. I'll be back in March to perhaps WOW you all!

For now, back to the kneedles!!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wrap that Genia built

Here's a photo of the Ribbed Wrap Jacket that I've been knitting for the past week. Yesterday I sat with it to figure out how much yarn I had left, and dove into the stash to find yarn for the collar.

First thing I found out was my gauge was way off. And I mean really off. So I ripped out the whole thing, swatched two other needle sizes, and have cast on once again. This was hard as I had knit the whole back and 3/4's of both sleeves. OUCH! But it is back in the works again and I'm quite happy with the gauge.

Second thing I found out was the yarn that I thought I had, I really didn't. Blast! It's still the same yarn, only same weight. Supposed to be body knit in an Aran weight yarn, collar knit inan DK weight. Collar will not be knit in DK but in Aran.

Third thing I've noticed with this knit piece is I really like what is supposed to be the wrong side better then right side. So I'm reconstructing the directions and making it suit me and my purposes and hopeing for the best. So it will be the same only quite different.

Also, I think since I'll be using the reverse side of the wrap I'll knit the collar as a lace rib. This could get interesting! Stick around and see. For those of you who have color blind monitors (like mine) the main body of the wrap is a tweed grey, the collar will be a maroon/red shade. Both yarns are Cottage Craft which is a real favorite and quite lovely to knit with.

Also for a diversion from my own stupid mistakes, I've been knitting some Jaywalkers. I'm using Reiga 4fadig which is a great sock yarn. They should be complete soon so I can cast on some red ones!

Back to the needles! Big big project on the way.