Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm knitting

And knitting and knitting cause Myla's gonna hatch soon!

Well not too soon. November 12th is the tentative due date, for those of you keeping track. Last weekend, Linda gave her a lovely baby shower and she got lots of goodies for the baby (a boy in fact)

In other Planck news, the cats are bigger, and lazier. Eric is convinced that Roscoe thinks he's a person and tries to push him out of bed.

Here's proof:

Don't quite get it? Here's another, without the blanket on. This is also supposed to be Eric's side of the bed.

These photos of Roscoe were taken by Nathan. This past month has also been a monumental in our little home. The Scooby Doo shirt has been formally retired and given away to be loved by another little boy or girl. But in parting, we took this one last photo.

You can see where the bottom of the shirt does not meet the top of his shorts. And the look on Nathan's face is not too pleased that it's time to give up the shirt. So if any of you out there cyber space know of where I can find another Scooby-Doo shirt please let me know.

Back to my kneedles folks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sally O'Malley at the Bing

I love this! Hope you all get a laugh too!