Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge

Amanda is hosting a Summer Reading Challenge. Sounded like fun so I thought I would join up too. Sometimes someone challenging me to do something is just the kick in the butt that I need. Go here to get the 411 on the challenge, sign in and pick up your button.

My challenge is two mysteries a week. And I'm counting audio books as part of my reading. If you like mysteries here's a GREAT site to get more information on writers and the books that they've written. It's called Books n Bytes and is pretty current. There's also information on other book catagories too (SciFi, non-fiction, etc.)

Of course I've been knitting! Lots of baby bonnets, booties and socks. A friend thinks she can sell them so I've been stocking up. They're quicker to knit them adult sized socks!

Sorry about no photos. Still trying to figure out this blasted program!

btw.....Roscoe is a daddy! Katrina had 3 kittens all just beautiful! They are about 3 weeks old now and their eyes are open. I can't wait to see them.