Friday, January 26, 2007


Contributed by Lola. You can read her exploits here. And, she has pictures too!
Run along now. Check out this new store!!

Just opened a few days ago:

A Tangled Skein
Cheryl W. Hoffman
5200 Baltimore Ave (rt. 1)
Hyattsville, MD

Yes, my fellow fiber hounds A NEW YARN STORE!!!

To get there, go south on Rt. 50, take exit to 410 W (stay on the left
lane - that lane turns 90 degree to the left at the 2nd traffic light),
then turn left onto Baltimore Ave. Turn right at Baltimore Ave -
Gallatin St. You'll see a sign for public parking - it's on the left.
25 cents per hour, I believe. The store is in a building that looks
like it used to be a bank and has "Professional Building" chiseled in at
the top. you won't see the yarn store until you've turned right into
that intersection. I have some pictures and will be blogging about this
place later tonite. They have a website but it's under construction.


I gotta be honest, homework is seriously kicking my butt! There I said butt, let's see what demons Google unleashes on me this week! HA bring it on!!

I've started taking classes in order to obtain my degree from AACC here in Annapolis. I'm studying to be a certified paralegal. Yes I do already work for District Court. Yes, I've already worked as a legal secretary. This is different. Plus I'll have a degree.

I go to class once a week. Class is three hours long, and that after working all day is taking a toll. And I need to get my brain back into learning school type mode. Any suggestions are most welcome!

I have been knitting, just not much and only on certain projects of which I don't feel I can disclose at this time. So you'll haveta wait.

But to get some knitting goodies you can go here:

The ladies in my knit group have been turning out some more beautiful work.

Here's a pic of my "granddog" Tantum. Yes, he's named after a firetruck. And he's a good dog!

Monday, January 15, 2007

It really makes one CRANKY!

Running out of yarn that is. The class that Marseille gave on knitting entralac was really quite good. So I used the yarn that I had purchased from JoAnn's (see previous post) to start knitting a scarf/shawl. Just like eating good potato chips, you can't stop at just one block you need to go on to the next.

The changing of the colors was great! It really looks lovely if I do say so myself. Here's a shot for ya.

You'll notice the stitch holder on the one end? That's because I've RUN OUT OF YARN!!! I really hoped that wouldn't happen, that the four balls I had would be plenty (come on folk, it was over 350 yards that I had) but alas no. Not enough. So back to JoAnn's in Annapolis I go. Nope, they still have the kits but not the right color.

I go to the JoAnn's in Warrenton, Virginia. Yep, they have the kits too. Nope, not the right color. So I bought two kits in this color:

See, I've already started another scarf/shawl. I'm looking at the colors and they could possibly swing to either being for a gentleman or lady. What do you think? Hey folks, yes this means I've started knitting for the holidays!!

This past weekend was my dad's birthday. So we drove out to help him celebrate. While out there we also went to Washington, Virginia. There are lots of lovely little shops on Main Street, including a 5-Star restaurant/hotel called The Inn at Little Washington. One of the shops we stopped at was the Geneva Welsh Gallery. She's an artist and it turns out a vendor at the MDS&W Festival. There I bought these:

They're note cards - yes, even so I blog and write email to friends and family I still write letters and notes using pen, ink, and paper. Aren't these lovely! Here's her shop. She also does really sheep. And chickens.

You can see some more of her work and read about the Artist Studio & Gallery Tour of Rappahannock County here.

Well, gotta fly! I need to get those needles a clickin cause not only did I buy the two kits from JoAnn's this past weekend but I had also purchased and received this from Laurie.

This is a whole tub full of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. Which by the way is now back on the shelves in new colors and still just a lovely as ever! What am I planning to do with a whole tub of Cotton-Ease? Stay tuned to find out.

By the way, the next meeting of Annapolis Knits & Crochets at Borders is January 24th! Come join us!

By the way, anyone interested in a trade? I have two packets from the yarn kits that I bought from JoAnn's that has the knitting needles (circular size 10-1/2 (6.5mm) 24 inches long, crochet hook size J (6mm) And I have two of each. Contact me if you'd like to trade or know of anyone in the need.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Amazing Thing!

I was at JoAnn's today with thee Wyldman and there was a lot of things that had been marked down being as Christmas is over. We were in search of some sort of sewing kit that he could have to sew something him self. Of course we couldn't find anything suitable for a little boy or anything that wasn't Christmas'y. We settled for some camo fleece for him to make a couple of scarves and a bear.

Myself was in search of some variegated yarn to use in a scarf project that one of my knitting groups is going to start soon. I found the perfect yarn and got a bit of a bonus and a great surprise!

See in the photo there's four skeins of 100% wool yarn; a crochet hook, a circular knitting kneedle; a little knitted flower broach with pin attached; flower sequins; matching beads; a spool of thread; with a sewing needle; pattern for a felted either knit or crocheted bag and this very cool little plastic box with Velcro closure and handle to carry it all in. This is without a doubt the most complete kit I've ever come across. The only item missing would be snips to cut the thread. And the price (are you sitting down?) was $9.00. Yes, I said nine dollars.

I think I'll go pick up more tomorrow. Here's another more complete photo.

OH Right, the bear Camo:

He did a pretty good job!