Saturday, July 19, 2008


July already. I've been so busy with this past semester of school that I've hardly even been on the computer except to do homework. Hayden is now 8 months old! And is crawling all over the place, and has the whole family charmed. No surprise there, after all he is my grandson! And as you can see, he has two teeth!

These were taken on my birthday (the 16th). We had a grand time, with lots of ice creams, pops, and my fav key lime pie!

Tank and Roscoe (two of the puppy kats) have become quite tolerant of Hayden as well. Here he is with Tank.

Hayden has Tank's back paw in his mouth, but I had to interject. It just wouldn't be right for Hayden to bite Tank, when we don't let Tank bite him. Sock thought she might get a good belly rub, but ran when Hayden got closer.

Knitting photos? Nope! You'll have to settle for Hayden pics this time. Here's another, for good measure.....


IRV said...

Hey Genia, it's Irv----He's the cutest little guy! I check your site often to see how you're all doing. Looks just fine. Hope to see you soon-----take care.

G. said...

Awwww! LOVE that baby! :)