Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 12 and 13th

January 13th is my dad's birthday. He turned 70 this year. The oldest McGhee male ever!

Jay and two of his friends came up from South Carolina to spend the weekend with us, and for Jay to meet his nephew Hayden, and to wrap up (or rather unwrap) Christmas 2007. The Planck Zoo made an appearance as well. And Myla and Hayden came too.

Here's some really cute photos that Jay's friend Ben took. There will be more pics as I get them. But for now, these should keep you.

My gosh!! Are they just the cutest!! I really really love this pic, and yes I am quite aware of what they are doing. Hayden is totally innocent here. He's no idea what flightless, wingless bird is.

I think the two of them are to be getting along just fine!

Here's Nathan and Jay riding old skool style on a scooter. The beautiful view in the back ground is Rag Mountain. A view from my brother's house. I can't wait for next Autumn. The changing of the leaves is going to be a sight from here.

So, if you happen to see my dad wish a happy birthday. Sure it may be belated, but when you're 70 you can celebrate as long as you like!

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