Saturday, July 19, 2008


July already. I've been so busy with this past semester of school that I've hardly even been on the computer except to do homework. Hayden is now 8 months old! And is crawling all over the place, and has the whole family charmed. No surprise there, after all he is my grandson! And as you can see, he has two teeth!

These were taken on my birthday (the 16th). We had a grand time, with lots of ice creams, pops, and my fav key lime pie!

Tank and Roscoe (two of the puppy kats) have become quite tolerant of Hayden as well. Here he is with Tank.

Hayden has Tank's back paw in his mouth, but I had to interject. It just wouldn't be right for Hayden to bite Tank, when we don't let Tank bite him. Sock thought she might get a good belly rub, but ran when Hayden got closer.

Knitting photos? Nope! You'll have to settle for Hayden pics this time. Here's another, for good measure.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kozo vs. Vending Machine

ever have one of those days?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My newest sidekick is now 4 months old! Man time really does fly when you're having fun. And boy am I having fun!!

We think he may be working on some teeth. Cause he's really interested in his fave blanket, and his thumb.

And the newest happening? He's starting to giggle. Too fun folks, and this Gigi is having a great time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 12 and 13th

January 13th is my dad's birthday. He turned 70 this year. The oldest McGhee male ever!

Jay and two of his friends came up from South Carolina to spend the weekend with us, and for Jay to meet his nephew Hayden, and to wrap up (or rather unwrap) Christmas 2007. The Planck Zoo made an appearance as well. And Myla and Hayden came too.

Here's some really cute photos that Jay's friend Ben took. There will be more pics as I get them. But for now, these should keep you.

My gosh!! Are they just the cutest!! I really really love this pic, and yes I am quite aware of what they are doing. Hayden is totally innocent here. He's no idea what flightless, wingless bird is.

I think the two of them are to be getting along just fine!

Here's Nathan and Jay riding old skool style on a scooter. The beautiful view in the back ground is Rag Mountain. A view from my brother's house. I can't wait for next Autumn. The changing of the leaves is going to be a sight from here.

So, if you happen to see my dad wish a happy birthday. Sure it may be belated, but when you're 70 you can celebrate as long as you like!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chullos for a try

Well, it's been requested that I knit a chullo for my son's friend. Of course begged off, but being the mom that I am I felt guilty afterwards. So a chullo it shall be. Want to knit along? Hey, this is a freebie and all I ask of you is ......


That's right, not a thing. Though it would be nice to know your thoughts on my construction.

So here goes. I'll be putting up photos as I go along.

I have two skeins of Reynolds Lopi - regular not Lite.
- skein 1 - tan
- skein 2 - varigated browns and tan
One set of double pointed size 6 needles.
One set of size 8 needles (actually I'm using a circular)
One stitch marker

1st ear flap:
Using smaller kneedles, cast on 3 stitches.
Knit one row.
row 2: k1, m1, p1, m1, k1 (we'll be keeping a garter stitch border on the flaps)
* All increases are done on either side of the center stitch on a purl row.
row 3: knit - all odd rows knit across
row 4: k1, p1, m1, p1, m1, p1, k1
row 6: k1, p2, m1, p1, m1, p2, k1

Continue in this manner until ear flap has 17 stitches. Knit 3 more rows (remember purling on the wrong side, knit on the public side) Break yarn and knit the second flap. Once you've accomplished 17 stitches on the second flap, do not break the yarn.

Knit across the 2nd flap using the larger needle. Cable cast on 20 stitches. Knit across the first flap, cable cast on 18 stitches (total of 72 stitches). Join and place a marker.

K2, p2 for 3 rounds.

*** Now, you know you 72 stitches. Sorry, I don't have a gauge for you as yet. I've now got 72 stitches and three rounds of k2, p2 ribbing as well. You also have two skeins of Lopi in difference colors. What you need now is some sort of pattern using these two colors. I'm going to end this post for the evening and go in search of some design for this cap. If you find something, let me know.

I'll be back later. With photos even!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

WOW! 2008

A New Year. And to kick it off, a finished project. Myla said Hayden was in need of mittens. Of course being just a little guy, he doesn't really need mittens with thumbs so they go really quick. And what does one do with the left over yarn?

Really cute hats of course. WOW, totally forgot to fix the redeye on that one!
More soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A posting, a posting!!

Uncle Nathan (aka thee Wydeman) meeting Hayden for the first time.

Hayden delegating his authority...... loudly!

Meeting Uncle Nik for the first time. Nik hung around holding Hayden and cooing at him for quite a while. Nik was also really good when Nathan was little. They'll have a good bond together.
He really is just perfectly beautiful!

And I don't think this one needs any explanation.